Open source pricing model.

Open source pricing models allow for easy decision making, saving time and money on all fronts.

0001100Website hosting/yr
0002100"Basic Stack Setup "/site
0003100CMS Setup/site
0004150Event Booking System/site
0011100File Structuring >500/dump
0012100File Sanitation/dump
0005100Domain Services/domain
0006100Email Setup/network
0007100CDN Setup/network
0008150Web Portal / Client Area/site
0009200Availability System/site
002150Static Pages/page
0022100Dynamic Pages/page
0023100Custom Feed/feed
0024100Custom Frontend Components/component
0025150Custom Backend Components/component
0051300Site Migration >50 Pages/site
0052600Site Migration >100<50 Pages/site
0101450Storefront – Woocommerce/site
050050General Asset fixes/asset
0501100Custom Illustration/hr
0502100Custom Design Elements/hr
0503200Logo Rework/item
0504300Brand Organization/book
1000100General Contracting/30min
1001100Web Consultation/30min
1002100Branding Consultation/30min
1003100Hosting Consultation/30min
1004100Sales Consultation/30min

Source: github - madebyparry/Freelance-Pricing-Project

Notice: Items presented above are our best estimates at prices of services and units and are subject to change with notice if discussed stipulations exceed the intended unit value.